Aol Mail Login


AOL, being one of the oldest and most trustable emailing service providers, has always stood out on users’ expectations. Despite seeing so many ups and downs, AOL has tried its best to live up to people’s expectations and maintain its reputation in the emailing industry. To date, a lot of users are using it on a day to day basis and many are still in the queue to be a member of the AOL mail family. The moment you get your AOL login username and password, you will have access to a lot of features available on the America Online page.

Check out these features of AOL Mail

  • Upon joining AOL, you will get access to unlimited email storage

  • Want to attach large files to your emails? Not a problem. Add files of up to 25 MB

  • Sync your AOL login account with other email clients using IMAP, SMTP, and POP3

  • Restrict emails from unknown senders

  • Get notified about emails that may harm you

AOL mail sign up process

  • Type the link in your browser’s search tab

  • You will be now introduced to what AOL has to offer you

  • Right at the top-right corner, click on the “Login/Join” option

  • Click “Create an account” on the AOL login window

  • Click “Continue” after filling up the Sign-Up form

  • You may need to agree to the terms as well

Learn how easily you can sign into AOL mail

Signing in to your AOL mail login account is not so challenging if you walk through the stepwise process given in the following process. However, while you feed the information in the AOL login form, we advise you to be careful and alert because feeding incorrect AOL username and password could result in account suspension or lockage.

  • Open a browser on a connected PC

  • In the search bar, enter “AOL Mail login” or click

  • The login window to access AOL mail opens

  • Enter your username and click “Next” after verification

  • Enter your account password and “Log In”

  • If you have enabled 2-factor authentication, you will get an OTP

  • Enter the OTP in the given area and there you are into your account

AOL Mail login with phone number

Some users who are not good at remembering their username can also get into their AOL account using their phone number instead of their email address. But, to do that, you will need to have access to the number that you have registered with AOL during AOL sign-up. All you have got to do is, straightway, get to the AOL login page and enter your phone number in place of the username and then feed your password. That’s it!

How do I retrieve my AOL account?

Meanwhile, there are some AOL mail accountholders who have lost access to their accounts. Either they have forgotten their usernames or their passwords. The straightway method for such users to recover their account is given below:

  • Go directly to the AOL mail login website

  • On the main screen of the login window, click “Forgot username?”

  • This should open the AOL Sign-In Helper

  • In the available space, enter your account recovery details

  • You can choose to enter your email address or phone number

  • Click “Continue” and your inbox for the account recovery link

  • Complete some easy prompts and you’ll have your username

Procedure to reset AOL login password

  • On the AOL login page, enter your username and click “Next”

  • When you reach the password field, tap on the “forgot password?” option

  • Meanwhile, enter your registered username/email/phone number

  • Follow the prompts after verifying your identity with AOL


AOL login or AOL email login is not a challenging task for those who know which site to go to and remember their login credentials in the correct format. To stay away from AOL mail login issues, we recommend you to use the AOL mail application or navigate only to the genuine AOL website. According to the AOL Mail system requirements, you should only use AOL only on the latest version of the operating system.